Dear Teacher

Dear AP Human Geography Teacher,

This website was created by a group of five Bucknell University students, as their final project in globalization of people and place. In this website, there are 20 blog posts that will help you teach your students about human geography. There is also a activity and a worksheet that accompanies the information in the blog posts.

To have students complete the activity, you first must divide the class into groups of five. Each member of the group choses a tag. Students can choose from five different tags: globalization, maps, global capitalism, externalized costs, or environmental impact. Once each student in the group has decided what tag they want to read, allow students 20-30 minutes to read the 3-4 blog posts associated with the tag.

After the students are done reading, the group will come back together to discuss what they learned from the blog posts. Because each student has a clear understanding of a specific tag, they are considered to be “experts” regarding their particular tag. Together, they are “experts” on all of the blog posts. After discussing what they read, the students will be handed a worksheet that will be completed throughout the remainder of the class period.

The worksheet consists of fill in the blank questions regarding the blog posts, and a word search containing the most important terms discussed in the blog posts. The word search is an extra activity that will reenforce key terms and themes covered in the blog posts. As the students complete the worksheet, because each of them are “experts” on a portion of the blog posts, students should be able to easily find which blog posts the information comes. Causing the “expert” in that blog post to share what he/she has learned at the same time exposing the other students to the themes that the blog posts under the specific tag talked about.

After students complete the worksheet, the answers to the worksheet are posted under another tab on the website. We would suggest that during the last 5-10 minutes of class you either project the answers on the board or have the students share the answers they came up with. If you choose to have the students share the answers they came up with we would suggest that you allow more time to go over the worksheet. This would give time for the students to be able to have a discussion with other groups about why their answers are the same or why their answers are different.

We think that our blog posts, activity, and worksheet work together to effectively teach the material we learned in globalization people and place (GEOG 101). We also firmly believe that our website will be very helpful to students in AP human geography because of how the activity is designed and because the blog posts are written at a level for AP students. We hope that you find our website to be informative and helpful as you teach AP human geography.


Melissa Capano, Nicole Everett, Matt Semeraro, Delia Sipe, and Taylor Oxley